After much effort by Sharron and the band, we have just re-launched the website. Filled with exciting new features, we are sure you will find it interesting. Take a look around and come back often to see the latest news!.
10/11/2009 02:33:36 pm

Hey, the site looks cool!

Alanah Manners
7/8/2010 02:56:07 pm

To Ian's Dear Jeanie and daughter Sophie, Dale and myself are so sorry for your loss, Ian was a wonderful man, always with a cheeky grin, and helping anyone we both thought he was wonderful may he rest in peace and we are sending our love and sympathy to you both at this hard sad time love Lani and Dale xoxoxo

7/8/2010 09:01:36 pm

I only worked with Ian a few times but he was great fun and so easy to get along with..
im shocked and saddened at his passing but as a spiritualist i believe that he is already a guiding light on the other side and is in very caring hands.
I send much sympathy to his family..the loss must be terrible..all my love as xxxx

sharron nichols
7/8/2010 09:27:58 pm

Thank you Lani, Dale and Jo,
Jeannie and family will take great comfort from your thoughts and consolation. love to you all SHARRON

7/8/2010 09:34:53 pm

it is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the death of IAN MCCOOK who played the role of Bjorn in ABBA SALUTE.
He died last night and leaves a huge void in our lives, and in our show. We will miss his dedication, hard work, musical direction and his sense of humour and his huge talent.
From the rest of Abba Salute we send our love to Ian's family,, We love you Jeannie and wish we were there in New Zealand to give you the biggest hug.

Lynda & Iris baker
7/10/2010 06:08:59 am

hi, so sorry for your loss, it was a shock when we heard and love goes out to the family.

7/11/2010 04:27:33 pm

How do words do justice to explain what a champion bloke Cookie was? Although I only knew him for a short time, from our first introduction I found Ian to be friendly, open, honest and a very talented muso...a really top bloke.

I am flabbergasted that I will not see him again as we spoke about hoping to meet up in the future and play some music but here in Oz, NZ is a bit far for me to go.

My thoughts go out to your family who I did not have the pleasure to meet.

Rest in peace Cookie....I reckon you've been taken too soon....I'll catch up with you in heaven, mate.

much love,

sharron nichols
7/11/2010 04:55:50 pm

Hello Philby, thank you for your lovely tribute to Ian.. Who can believe it eh? We are in shock and I can only imagine what Jeannie is going through.
Love to see you on the 25 th.. bye for now, Sharron

Angel Harrowfield
7/11/2010 09:06:39 pm

Oh how blessed was I that I was able to meet this beautiful light on earth and to play with him. I had a dream about him last night and in the dream he had posted a comment on Face Book that he was well and everyone should come over for a jam.
I believe he was serious about that even though it was a dream. Much love to Jeanie and his family and all of those who knew and loved him.

Terry Small
7/13/2010 07:02:47 am

Well, Ian. Today is the day of your send off... No doubt you are already jamming with other like minded folk in the "Great Jam Room in the Sky" The sort of place where your guitar always stays in tune and your voice never wavers. A lot like it was for here on earth really! A pleasure to have known you and Jeanie over the years. Rock on...

7/13/2010 08:13:02 pm

Hi there,

Went to Ian's funeral today, what an awsome send off he had, we will all miss him deeply.

Jeannie & Sophie, we know how it feels to loose someone close by, as we lost our baby girl recently, words can not express enough!!!

We all have some great memories have Ian and we live on with those memories.

Take care and we all love you!

We live on with his music, rock 'n' roll never dies especially Ian's as its touches everyones heart.

Sharron Nichols
7/23/2010 10:22:53 am

Thank you all for your wonderful moving tributes to Ian.. Jeannie and Sophie will take great comfort from all the support from their fantastic circle of freinds.
Take care and make every day count.

Sharron Nichols
12/5/2011 07:51:46 am

Well Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I have posted anything on my website... so much has happened in the last year and a half and it took a while for it to sink in that Cookie (Ian ) was no longer with us.. He was the strength and organiser in getting our shows booked and somehow my heart wasn't in it.
However as they say in entertainment "the show must go on " and so with a new team behind me we launched into another NZ tour for 2011.
Sadly I had to leave the tour and leave it in the very capable hands of Bernie McCook and the team to carry on with the tour as My husband Lex was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer when we arrived for the start of the tour so since February he has been my one and only focus in life and happily the outcome is all positive.
It was a dreadful time and we would not wish it on anyone ,
So now as of December I am preparing to become involved with entertainment again and looking forward to it with a fresh approach .
Lots of new ideas to put into practice.
Thank you all of you who continued to support the shows while I have been away and I hope to see you somewhere, sometime in the coming season of 2012..

From us all we wish you, good health, and a great festive season and a truly wonderful happy 2012.

6/24/2012 11:09:34 am

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7/17/2012 02:38:36 pm

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1/19/2018 05:09:12 pm

Hi there It's been a long long time since I've posted anything but just want to touch base with any of you who still remember Abba Salute
Have had several requests to put the show back together and who knows it may just happen yet but I'm the meantime I am happy in a duo situation and as a lead singer for a couple of bands in Australia
I sure miss the wonderful times I had with the cast of Abba Salute though and yes I would like it to happen again if the time is right Meanwhike have a wonderful 2018,enjoy life to the fullest and stay healthy Cheers Sharron (Agnetha)


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